Superlong Scarf Wrap

Materials: One Three Waters Farm Superfluity Kit
Size 15 circular needle (24 inch or longer)

Every row is a knit row. (Garter stitch)

Loosely CO 100 stitches with the worsted weight yarn or the Thick n Thin yarn. Knit one row. At beginning of next row, cut the old yarn, leaving an 8 inch tail. Tie new yarn (whichever color/type you prefer) to old yarn and snug the knot. Knit one row.

Use yarns interchangeably until you reach your desired size, keeping in mind that, due to the difference in yardage between the yarns, you will need to use some yarns more sparingly than others.

Continue in this way, changing yarn every row until the scarf/wrap is the width you want. Bind off loosely. Behold!

Situated on a hill overlooking the Haw River, Three Waters Farm looks out over a mixed terrain of fields, woods, and water in the piedmont of North Carolina. We moved here in 1989 with the intent to raise our family on a working homestead. Initially we produced a mix of organic vegetables, cut flowers, goat cheese, and baked goods at the Carrboro Farmers' Market.
Since 1997, we have focused on making products from our sheep's wool and our goat's milk. We produce a variety of hand-painted yarns, and spinning fibers, and from our goat's milk, we make Goat's Milk True-soap, using our own special recipe.

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