October Top of the Month Club 2017

We have two special trees that put on quite a show during the Annual Fall Color Extravaganza, a bold sugar maple and a towering hickory. I love watching the leaves of these trees progress through distinct changes of color. The sugar maple’s leaves shift from green to yellow, then on to orange, and at last settle into a true, bright red. At the same time, the hickory leaves turn a bright yellow, and then deepen into a spectacular orange-gold, while the outer leaf edge turns a crisp brown.

Their leaves change imperceptibly; each day the colors are similar but not the same, and suddenly, before I know it, the colors have reached peak saturation - bright Maple red and glowing Hickory gold. The colors remain poised, as if suspended in time, while the canopies of the trees around them mute and soften into a background of ever varied, softly muted browns. Welcome to Hickory and Maple, our October TOMC!

The wool this month is Organic Polwarth. Polwarth sheep originated in Australia from a cross of Lincoln (coarse long wool with luster and curl) and Merino (fine shorter wool, highly crimped.) At 22 microns, this Polwarth is fabulously soft; this wool is less crimped than Merino and thus more open and so it is easier to spin, and it takes color with a matte glow.

Our wool/silk blend is Merino/Superwash Merino/TussahSilk, 40/40/20. MSWMTS dyes beautifully, is amazingly soft, and it has super-draftability.

Our tonal colorway this month is Red Rust.

Enjoy the leaves and Happy Spinning to you!

Warm regards,
Mary Ann and Stephen

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