AM and PM

The usual timekeeping conventions of AM and PM stand for different things at our house. PM means pre-Maryland and AM means after-Maryland. AM time is much more expansive than PM time; it moves slower and lasts longer.

A big thing on the AM list is garden, which means lots of things, but yesterday meant this:

I did not take a before photo. (I do have SOME pride.) But I will show you some of our peonies, most especially my favorite pink peony. The peonies (emphasis on the second syllable, pe-O-nies in our neck of the woods) really took a hit this year with a late major freeze, but the reds and pinks bloom later and so were not as affected.
Satisfying, yes?

Situated on a hill overlooking the Haw River, Three Waters Farm looks out over a mixed terrain of fields, woods, and water in the piedmont of North Carolina. We moved here in 1989 with the intent to raise our family on a working homestead. Initially we produced a mix of organic vegetables, cut flowers, goat cheese, and baked goods at the Carrboro Farmers' Market.
Since 1997, we have focused on making products from our sheep's wool and our goat's milk. We produce a variety of hand-painted yarns, and spinning fibers, and from our goat's milk, we make Goat's Milk True-soap, using our own special recipe.

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