SALE: BFL Wool Roving - Hand Painted Spinning or Felting Fiber, Early Blooming
"Hand dyed Blueface Leicester wool roving in Three Waters Farm colorway Early Blooming. 4 ounces. BFL wool is a long, lustrous fiber that is next-to-the-skin soft. It is easy to handle and spins easily into many different types and weights of yarn, including art yarns, chunky/bulky yarns, thick and thin yarns, as well as smooth yarns as fine as fingering weight. Check out our other hand ...
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Sale! Merino/ Silk Roving (Top) - Hand Painted Spinning or Felting Fiber, Early Blooming1
SALE Merino/ Silk Roving (Top) - Early Blooming4 ounces of Merino/Tussah Silk top, 80/20, in Three Waters Farm color way Early Blooming. Merino occupies one of the most exalted places in the fiber world. Merino is a long stapled fiber with exuberant bounce and memory. This wool is a blend of white merino and tussah silk. ...
Part No: 542360351