Unguarded Exuberance

March 13th, 2011

The Bradford Pear is in full bloom today. All week, I’ve watched this tree mull over its options. We’ve had cool days and freezing nights, enough to induce a spring bloomer to reconsider its position. In spite of this, every day this heedless tree was a little more brazen and showing a little more bling than the day before. Yesterday, it simply threw caution to the wind and blossomed entirely. I enjoy the Bradford Pear, but I find it a little unrestrained.



Bradford Pear

I am partial to the Deciduous Magnolia, from its compelling pussy-willow like buds to its stately rose and pink blossoms. It typically demonstrates more prudence than the Bradford Pear. I like that, being in want of a little more prudence myself.  I noticed a few timid buds opening this week, but the effect was more bashful-child-peering-through-the-fence-at-the-party than Baby-I’ve-got-something-outrageous-to-show-you. But with things in the neighborhood heating up the way they are, the Deciduous Magnolia decided to join in.



Deciduous Magnolia

Our young Keifer pear trees are showing some adolescent derring-do, but I am hoping that they reconsider. After all, if we get a freeze hard enough to shut down the whole blooming party, the Keifer’s will lose more than just their blossoms, they will lose their fruit.

Keifer Pear blossoms






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