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Here’s Looking at You, Kid

Every spring I work over the question, “Who is cuter, lambs or kids?” After a good ten years or more of pondering, I finally have an answer.

It depends who is looking at you!

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Upside Down and Backwards

With a little assistance, Mae Mae delivered thirty pounds of kids.

Upside, Down, Backwards, and Mae Mae

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Barn Landscape

Modern Art Mae Mae

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Three In a Doe?

Just Wondering…

Mae Mae’s secret

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Getting Kind of Crowded Down Here

My favorite new technology is the Cell Phone. It is a convenient tool for calling the house when extra help is needed in the barn and it is a great tool in an emergency, when veterinary advice is necessary. This time of year, Stephen and I don’t go down to the barn without our cell phones; the ewes’ udders are getting bigger and tighter every day and two dairy goats are due next week.

So last night, when Stephen left to do the early evening barn check and a few minutes later the phone rang, I was sure that he was calling about lambs. “It’s getting kind of crowded down here,” he said. “Lambs?” I asked. “Kids.” he replied.

Does. Early. Triplets. Perfect.

Tweedle's Triplets

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First Lamb

Late winter is a fitful time, a time between sleeping and waking — the bed is warm but the air is so cold. The mourning doves’ melancholy dirges resonate with my reluctance to shift into this new season, even as the curtain rises on daffodils pushing up complete with buds ready to open.

The sun is regaining its intensity and strength, climbing a little higher for a little longer every day. You can feel the heat through the cold air and the promise of too much heat later, but that is easy to overlook for now.

The birds and the light and the barn call to me insistently: Ewes will soon be lambing at dawn; Best to be Earlier than Early.

And so it is. Here She is — the end of winter — time to embrace the dawn to dusk schedule which comes, luckily, with lightly perfumed air, cool temperatures, and glorious, wondrous, beautiful babies.

Tawney's Lamb

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