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Summer’s Chrysalis, September Top of the Month Club 2015

September is such an in-between time here in our part of the world. High summer is quietly transforming itself into something new. Clear sky is emerging from the summer haze as spots of gold appear on the sycamore trees. Beside the summer-bleached woodpile, the goldenrod is in full bloom. The blue-green-gold of late summer heralds summer’s transformation into fall. Welcome to Summer’s Chrysalis, our September TOMC!


3x1 Summer's Chrysalis BFLTS


Our wool/silk blend this month is Blueface Leicester/Tussah Silk, a 75/25 blend. BFL of course needs no introduction; it has enormous luster and is open and easy to spin. The silk in this blend adds luxe to the infinite pleasures of BFL. This fiber will spin into fantastic yarn at almost any grist.


3x1 summer's chrysalis smerino

Our wool this month is Superfine Merino. At 19 microns, this wool is incredibly soft. It loves to be spun fine with lots of twist but it also loves to coil and beehive! If you haven’t spun merino before, you are in for a treat!


1x2 September Sky

The tonal this month is September Sky. It is available by pre-order through the webshop and through the Etsy shop!

Stay Cool and Happy Spinning!

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Hot and Sweet, August Top of the Month Club 2015

Baby it’s red-hot outside! Lately, we’ve had temperatures in the nineties, and some days the thermometer says 100 degrees. This heat can be hard for us to bear, but the tomatoes love these sultry days; they take the heat and turn it into luscious color and tangy sweetness.

A quick tour through the farmers’ market shows a parade of colorful tomatoes: dirty-red-brown and chocolate-red Cherokee Purples, sweet red and pink Brandywines, marbled red and orange German tomatoes, vivid red-orange cherry Sungolds, and redder-than-red Big Beefs and Celebrity tomatoes.

Welcome to our August TOMC: beat the heat with Hot and Sweet!



The wool this month is Corriedale! Corriedale is one of the most popular breeds of sheep. This top is approximately 28 microns, open and moderately crimped, and it is easy to draft and spin into almost any weight of yarn. It is also great for felting.



The wool/silk this month is Polwarth/Silk 85/15. Polwarth is such a favorite: it spins into a yarn with spectacular body, and the gleaming tussah silk adds eye-catching gloss.



The companion tonal colorway this month is Eggplant. It is available by pre-order through the webshop and the Etsy shop.

Stay cool and Happy Spinning!
Mary Ann and Stephen

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Clear Light Dawning, July Top of the Month Club 2015

The early summer heat has been unusually intense here and in order to enjoy time outdoors, I go outside just before the sun rises. The pre-dawn is cool and I like to sit and watch as night becomes day; a special sight awaits me then.

It is dark when I first go outside, but as the sun nears the horizon, faint shadows appear under the trees. Light slowly fills the dark sky as the landscape gradually assumes its daytime colors. When the first ray of sunlight strikes the oak tree’s crown, the rest of the farm is still swathed in that special clear light of dawn. This is the moment I have been waiting for: welcome to Clear Light Dawning, our colorway for the July Top of the Month Club.


We return to Organic Polwarth for our wool selection this month! This fabulously soft (22 microns) and incredibly white wool is certified organic and is from the Falkland Islands. Crimped but open, this Polwarth is easy to spin and will make a yarn with plenty of body.


The wool/silk blend this month is Merino/Silk, 80/20. A perennial favorite, this fiber will spin into a yarn with plenty of bounce that gleams with tussah silk.

The companion colorway this month is Dawn Sky.


Warm(est!) regards and Happy Spinning to you!

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June’s Glow: June Top of the Month Club, 2015

In the beginning of June, the impatiens under the maple tree are beginning to fill their tub. As the impatiens grow, they brighten the shade with fervent ardor. Smoldering shades of red, pink, and coral combine with shades of orange, melon, and vermillion: welcome to June’s Glow!


June Glow red flowers 6040

This month’s TOMC features a special deluxe wool/silk blend: 60/40 Polwarth/TussahSilk. The extra silk heightens the two-tone color effect that is prized in wool/silk blends. This fiber will give your yarn spectacular glow and shine!


junesglow red flowers bfl

For the wool club, Blueface Leicester returns. We can find no adequate words for BFL; we fail in our attempts to describe the compelling luster, the easy spin-ability, and the broad range of yarns that are possible to produce from this fiber.


red flowers

Red Flowers is our companion colorway this month!

The photos this month simply cannot do justice to this colorway; the predominance of reds and oranges is more than a camera can capture! We can’t wait to see how you all spin up June’s Glow and we look forward to seeing your photos in the Ravelry SAL thread and on Instagram!

Have a glorious, glowing month of June and Happy Spinning to you all!

Warm regards,
Mary Ann and Stephen

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Spring in My Heart: May Top of the Month Club, 2015

I love the longer days and the warmer weather! Flowers dot the landscape and there are real leaves on almost all the trees — even the pecan trees have baby leaves on them now. Pale green-golds together with bright new greens sweep against the ever-changing sky. The vault of the sky over our farm has been clear shades of deep blue for most of April, but before a storm, it turns a dark and murky green-blue; at almost every evening, we see the lavender-blue-blacks of dusk.

Welcome to Spring in My Heart, dyed on Targhee and Merino/SuperwashMerino/TussahSilk.

3x1 Springinmyhearttarghee

Targhee is one of the newest sheep breeds. Developed in Idaho, the Targhee breed comes from cross of Rambouillet (highly crimped, very soft), Corriedale (moderately crimped and moderately soft), and Lincoln (long, lustrous curls.) This US grown wool is very soft — a fabulous 23 microns — with lots of muted luster.


For the wool/silk blend this month we have our best-beloved blend of Merino/SuperwashMerino/TussahSilk (40/40/20.) As a dye artist, I am wild about the three layers of color that this blend gives, and as a spinner, I love how the superwash merino and silk both help the fibers slide past each other when drafting. With plenty of nuanced color combined with easy drafting, this blend is delightful indeed!

The companion colorway this month is Dusk Violet.


2x1 Dusk Violet targheemswmts


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Top of the Month Club, February 2015

In our neck of the woods, optimistic gardeners plant their spring peas on Valentine’s day. It sounds crazy I know, but peas love soil that is moist and cool. With the lengthening days and increasing warmth, it is possible to get lucky with this earliest-of-early plantings.

I’m pretty sure that Valentine’s Day is not all that different from the extra-early-planting-of-peas. Optimistically sending cards, chocolates, and flowers, we hope that our expressions of love will bear fruit, bringing warmth and light to winter’s darkness.

With these musings in mind, I introduce Sweet Pea, my ode to love and to L. Odoratus, otherwise known as Sweet Peas, those graceful climbing flowers of early spring with pink, purple, and white flowers which possess an intoxicating and unforgettable scent.

Both of the wools this month are swirls of white and dark wool which add depth and complexity to finished yarn.

The wool this month is Mixed BFL, a swirl of ecru white and brown wool.

3x1 TOMC Feb Sweet Pea BFL

The wool/silk blend is Merino/Tussah Silk. The tussah silk in this blend has been dyed black.

3x1 TOMC Feb Sweet Pea

The companion colorway is Bouquet of Tulips, which is available both through the secret link in your shipping notice and our Etsy shop. Bouquet of Tulips is a gradient colorway, dyed in thirds.

bouquet of tulips mbfl mts

May the dark days of your winter be filled with color, light, and love!

Happy Spinning everyone!

With Love, Stephen & Mary Ann


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Top of the Month Club, January 2015

Winter is a time that I can sleep a little later without missing the sunrise, which is visible from the comfort of the kitchen window. The sun is now rising far to the southeast and before it clears the trees, the sky drifts from grey violet to pink, deepens to red and orange, and finally culminates in golden daylight, which erases the frozen white fields with a slow, effortless sweep. Hello, Frosted Daybreak!

3x1 frosted daybreak mbamts

The wool/silk blend this month is Merino/Bamboo/Tussah Silk, in a 50/25/25 combination.The wool and the silk take the color at different depths, and the bamboo doesn’t take the color at all. Instead, it shines with a glistening, frosty glow which will give your yarn great sheen.

3x1 frosted daybreak smerino

The wool this month is Superfine Merino. At 19 microns, this wool is soft soft soft! I love the way the merino has an inner shine but a matte glow! I want you to move this braid to the top of your spinning queue, especially if you have not had luck spinning merino yet — I have a few techniques that might be helpful: let’s talk about this in our January Spin-Along thread!

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Top of the Month Club December 2015

On the southwestern edge of our fenceline, the top branches of the Loblolly pine and the Sweet Gum tree come together to form a cup-shape; this time of year, the sunset is often framed by their branches.

We witnessed a spectacular sunset the other day. As the blue of the sky was shifting to violet and then to grey, the sky over the fenceline turned to plum and the cup between the Loblolly Pine and the Sweet Gum tree filled with brilliant scarlet-tinged orange sky. Introducing Burnished Sunset, December TOMC!



The wool this month is Targhee! Targhee is one of the newest sheep breeds. Developed in Idaho, the Targhee breed comes from crosses of Rambouillet (highly crimped, very soft,) Corriedale (moderately crimped and moderately soft,) and Lincoln (long, lustrous curls.) This US grown wool is very soft — a fabulous 23 microns — with lots of muted luster.


We are back to Merino/SuperwashMerino/Tussah silk for our wool/silk blend this month. I think I’ve already said all there is to say about this marvelous blend, with its three layers of color, its amazing softness, and its draft-ability.

I worked hard to come up with a companion tonal colorway for December TOMC, but in the end, I could finally see what Burnished Sunset had been telling me all along: it likes its own company and wants to be plied with itself! These intertwined braids are arranged A-B.


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Top of the Month Club November 2014

Some of the red, yellow, and gold leaves linger on the trees and the cool weather grasses are still green and bright but it is the dazzling blue, ever-changing sky that is grabbing our attention now: welcome to November Morning!

novembermorninggreensdusk 3x1

The wool/silk blend this month is Polwarth/Mohair/Tussah Silk, in a 65/25/10 combination. The mohair and the silk add tremendous luster to this blend. Mohair has so much shine that it used to be known as “poor man’s silk” and when you spin this blend under a light, you can watch the mohair fibers reflecting light as they are captured by the twist, and you can see the amazing mohair halo take shape. This will certainly enhance the magic of your daily spinning!

novembermorninggreensdusk 3x1

The wool this month is Falkland wool, from the Falkland Islands. The Falkland Islands are home to a unique sheep breed which is a combination of Polwarth, Corriedale, and Merino sheep. These sheep are well adapted to their unique and particular climate and they are sustainably raised without chemicals. This Falkland wool measures 26 microns and the wool, though crimped, is open and easy to spin. Many of you will find this wool next-to-the-skin soft and it spins into a plump, resilient, bouncy yarn.

Greens at Dusk, this month’s companion colorway, is my song to November’s long shadows and lengthening nights.

Extras are available; the link to the hidden page is in your shipping notice.

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Top of the Month Club October

For brazen, unrestrained color, FALL is hard to beat. The greens of summer are slipping into their party clothes and soon the whole landscape will be dressed in reds, golds, deep plums, stalwart greens, and an enormous mix of browns, for the last wild color party of the year.

Of course I couldn’t resist the temptation to party right along with the rest of October: introducing Fall Gathering.


The wool for this month’s club is Shetland, direct from the Shetland Islands. I am very lucky to have purchased this wool: it is from a small scale Shetland Island wool cooperative of 700 small farms and the amount of wool available in this color is limited. I should have enough wool for everyone’s reorders, but anyone wanting a large quantity should put in their reorder as soon as possible. The wool itself is a dusty red-brown-grey and this natural color breathes itself into Fall Gathering, producing a hue that can’t be gotten another way.

This month’s wool/silk selection is Merino/Tussah Silk, in an 80/20 combination. This is a lovely blend that I have used a lot in the past: it has all the treasured qualities of Merino — softness, bounce, and muted luster — combined with the strength and shine of tussah silk.

There are two companion colorways this month. Fall Browns — an ode to the diversity of brown — bright and golden, dark and deep, and all the browns in between that fill the fall landscape — and Fall Violet, a bow to the wild range of complicated violets that continue to stimulate and amaze me through this incredible season.

Happy Spinning!

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