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March Top of the Month Club 2016

As the days get longer and the sun climbs higher in the sky, the light is losing its starkness; the landscape is gradually appearing softer and more rounded. Daffodils and crocuses are blooming, dotting the grass with golds and purples. The warmer air carries sweet scents; the First Breath of Spring, Lonicera frangrantissma, is more fragrant every day. Spring is in the air and when I breath deeply, I become intoxicated with Spring Spirit!

springspiritfalk collage_resize-450w

Falkland is our wool this month. The Falkland Islands are home to a unique sheep breed which is a combination of Polwarth, Corriedale, and Merino sheep. These sheep are adapted to their unique climate and they are raised with sustainable methods. This Falkland wool measures 26 microns and it is open and easy to spin. You will find this wool next-to-the-skin soft; it will spin into a plump, resilient yarn with plenty of bounce.

SpringSpiritMSWMTS Collage_resize-450w

This month our wool/silk blend is Merino/SuperwashMerino/TussahSilk, 40/40/20. MSWMTS dyes beautifully, is amazingly soft, and it has super-draftability.

We are offering two tonals this month, Blueberry Liqueur and Blossom Wine. The tonals are available in our Etsy shop as well as in our webshop.

Spring Spirit Blueberry Liqueur_resize-450w

Spring Spirit Blossom Wine_resize-450w

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Dragonfly and Quaker Lines!

Susan Ashcroft Quaker Lines Shawl small

Quaker Lines by Susan Ashcroft

Just recently the Dragonfly colorway (which was designed by Lynne Vogel and dyed by Three Waters Farm) popped out of someone’s stash and made it into the spinning hands of Symonangel; from there Dragonfly flew into the hands of the inimitable knitwear designer Susan Ashcroft.

Susan designed Quaker Lines with it. Mmmmmmm. Delish.

Which brings us back to Dragonfly!

Dragonfly Psilk BFL

For a limited time, we are taking Dragonfly out of retirement! You can pre-order Dragonfly on either Polwarth/Silk (85/15) or on Blueface Leicester wool (BFL.) Pre-orders will close on February 22. All orders will ship by March 7.


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Color Music on Merino/Silk

Color Music MTS @iamcatreading

Gorgeous spinning by CatReading! Catrina is not just an amazing spinner — she is an amazing knitter too. You can see more Cat-Created Fabulousness on her Ravelry project page.

Color Music is a colorway we developed for the Completely Twisted and Arbitrary spinning group on Ravelry. You can see all of the colorways here.

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Completely Twisted and Arbitrary Spin Along!

Three Waters Farm is dyeing for the Completely Twisted and Arbitrary Spinning Group on Ravelry, January through March. The theme was early Twentieth Century Art: you can see all the submissions here.

After plenty of sampling, I chose to go with Franklin Carmichael’s Mirror Lake and Georgia O’Keefe’s Music, Pink and Blue No. 2.


Carmichael’s Mirror Lake appealed to me because I LOVE reflections; I love playing with lights and darks. To emphasize the light and dark aspects, I chose to represent this painting with two colorways, Mirror Lake andReflections on Mirror Lake.

mirror lake collage MTS and BFL

OKeefe Music Pink and Blue

Ah, Georgia O’Keefe! I assumed that this painting was part of her flower work, but when I did my research, I discovered that it’s titled Music, Pink and Blue No.2. O’Keefe sometimes translated music into painting, and though there is no record of what she was listening to while she painted this, her music collection consisted of mostly 18th and 19th century classical music — Bach, Haydn, Beethoven, Schumann, etc. — as well as sacred music, madrigals, and opera. I had a lot of fun organizing these colors (and, for the record, I was listening to Amy Winehouse Radio while I was working this out!) Introducing Color Music!

Colormusic collage 450w


The colorways are available on BFL and on Merino/TussahSilk 80/20.

The colorways will be available for the entire length of the SAL. You can find them in my Etsy shop! Orders will ship within 14 days of purchase.

Happy Spinning everyone!

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Birds in the Holly, January Top of the Month Club 2016

As the winter morning sun crests the tree tops, sunlight rakes across the field, turning the grass green-gold and lighting the holly tree. The waxy leaves glint bright green where the sun strikes them, but they remain dark green inside the canopy where they are out of the sun’s reach. The bare deciduous trees are gold in the light, but from behind, they are black, as if drawn with India ink.

Everything before me is green and gold and black. I hear the cry of a bluejay and the call of a cardinal; as I look up I see them vanish, one behind the other, into the holly tree to look for berries. Welcome to Birds in the Holly, our January 2016 Top of the Month Club!


Our wool this month is Rambouillet!!! Rambouillet sheep were developed in France by crossing merino stock with long-wooled sheep; they were introduced into the US in the mid 1800’s. They thrive in the western rangelands of the United States, which is where this Rambouillet originates. Fine and springy like merino, this fiber will spin into a next-to-the-skin-soft yarn with plenty of bounce.


Our wool/silk blend this month is Polwarth/Tussah Silk, 85/15. Easier to spin than merino, Polwarth has a bouncy feel and a matte glow which gleams with the addition of tussah silk.

Holly Green is our tonal companion colorway this month.



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Lingering Light, December Top of the Month Club, 2015

There is no stopping it; we are sliding into the dark heart of the year. As a hedge against the darkness, I teach myself to recognize its beauty.

Looking to the west at sunset, I see the trees on the horizon, black outlines against the lingering golden red sunlight. At the same time, the sky above darkens into multiple shades of violet twilight; there is so much pleasure in this Lingering Light.


Our wool this month is Targhee! Targhee is one of the newest sheep breeds. It was developed in Idaho from crosses of Rambouillet (highly crimped, very soft), Corriedale (moderately crimped and moderately soft), and Lincoln (long, lustrous, coarse curls.) This US grown wool is very soft at 23 microns, with lots of muted luster.

lingeringlight violettwilight mts-sm

The wool/silk blend this month is Merino/TussahSilk, 80/20. This is a great blend that spins into a bouncy yarn with a silk gleam.

The companion tonal colorway is Violet Twilight.

violet twilight




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Maple Leaf Rag, October Top of the Month Club 2015

Maple trees are a spectacular part of our fall leaf display. The green maple leaves gradually shift to bright yellow and then mellow into gold before they deepen to orange and then finally intensify into a fanfare of reds. As vivid as these colors are, the change from color to color is barely perceptible. Day after day, these blazing leaves defy the passage of time, until the early November rains bring them all down. Introducing the Maple Leaf Rag!



The wool this month is Falkland, the bright white wool from the Falkland Islands. The Falkland breed is a cross of Polwarth, Corriedale, and Merino sheep. Measuring 26 microns, this wool is crimped but still open and easy to spin; it will spin into a plump, resilient, bouncy yarn.



The wool/silk blend this month is Polwarth/TussahSilk, in a 60/40 combination. The extra silk in this luxe blend will give your yarn spectacular glow and shine.



We have two companion colorways this month, Maple Sugar (left) and Sun-Dried Grapes (right.) The companion colorways are available through both the Etsy shop and through the link in your shipping notice to our webshop.

Have a lovely October and Happy Spinning to you!

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Summer’s Chrysalis, September Top of the Month Club 2015

September is such an in-between time here in our part of the world. High summer is quietly transforming itself into something new. Clear sky is emerging from the summer haze as spots of gold appear on the sycamore trees. Beside the summer-bleached woodpile, the goldenrod is in full bloom. The blue-green-gold of late summer heralds summer’s transformation into fall. Welcome to Summer’s Chrysalis, our September TOMC!


3x1 Summer's Chrysalis BFLTS


Our wool/silk blend this month is Blueface Leicester/Tussah Silk, a 75/25 blend. BFL of course needs no introduction; it has enormous luster and is open and easy to spin. The silk in this blend adds luxe to the infinite pleasures of BFL. This fiber will spin into fantastic yarn at almost any grist.


3x1 summer's chrysalis smerino

Our wool this month is Superfine Merino. At 19 microns, this wool is incredibly soft. It loves to be spun fine with lots of twist but it also loves to coil and beehive! If you haven’t spun merino before, you are in for a treat!


1x2 September Sky

The tonal this month is September Sky. It is available by pre-order through the webshop and through the Etsy shop!

Stay Cool and Happy Spinning!

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Hot and Sweet, August Top of the Month Club 2015

Baby it’s red-hot outside! Lately, we’ve had temperatures in the nineties, and some days the thermometer says 100 degrees. This heat can be hard for us to bear, but the tomatoes love these sultry days; they take the heat and turn it into luscious color and tangy sweetness.

A quick tour through the farmers’ market shows a parade of colorful tomatoes: dirty-red-brown and chocolate-red Cherokee Purples, sweet red and pink Brandywines, marbled red and orange German tomatoes, vivid red-orange cherry Sungolds, and redder-than-red Big Beefs and Celebrity tomatoes.

Welcome to our August TOMC: beat the heat with Hot and Sweet!



The wool this month is Corriedale! Corriedale is one of the most popular breeds of sheep. This top is approximately 28 microns, open and moderately crimped, and it is easy to draft and spin into almost any weight of yarn. It is also great for felting.



The wool/silk this month is Polwarth/Silk 85/15. Polwarth is such a favorite: it spins into a yarn with spectacular body, and the gleaming tussah silk adds eye-catching gloss.



The companion tonal colorway this month is Eggplant. It is available by pre-order through the webshop and the Etsy shop.

Stay cool and Happy Spinning!
Mary Ann and Stephen

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Clear Light Dawning, July Top of the Month Club 2015

The early summer heat has been unusually intense here and in order to enjoy time outdoors, I go outside just before the sun rises. The pre-dawn is cool and I like to sit and watch as night becomes day; a special sight awaits me then.

It is dark when I first go outside, but as the sun nears the horizon, faint shadows appear under the trees. Light slowly fills the dark sky as the landscape gradually assumes its daytime colors. When the first ray of sunlight strikes the oak tree’s crown, the rest of the farm is still swathed in that special clear light of dawn. This is the moment I have been waiting for: welcome to Clear Light Dawning, our colorway for the July Top of the Month Club.


We return to Organic Polwarth for our wool selection this month! This fabulously soft (22 microns) and incredibly white wool is certified organic and is from the Falkland Islands. Crimped but open, this Polwarth is easy to spin and will make a yarn with plenty of body.


The wool/silk blend this month is Merino/Silk, 80/20. A perennial favorite, this fiber will spin into a yarn with plenty of bounce that gleams with tussah silk.

The companion colorway this month is Dawn Sky.


Warm(est!) regards and Happy Spinning to you!

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