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Marin was an elementary school student of mine in days of yore, and she often comes to see me when she is in town — I think as a touchstone, to help her keep the pathways open to the untrained artist that she was before she ‘grew up.’
This one visit, I got out all the color pencils and we drew at the kitchen table — Marin, my husband Stephen, our daughter Liliana, and I.

After Marin left, I went outside and in my preferred medium made this colorway.
I love it — for what we all are, for what we once were, and for how we keep those pieces connected.

Marin’s Pencils, BFL

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Pinning My Life Away

I took an art history class this morning on Pinterest. I LOVE my new board. I found out, again, that I am fascinated by dynamic neutrals.

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‘Rasslin With the Cold

We’ve had a lot of freezing weather here in the sunny Southeast. The wind has been cheerfully gusting along this freezing weather at 15 miles per hour. Not quite as cheerfully, I have invented a new method of unfreezing dye solution and a new method of unfreezing the dye artist.

When you get right down to it, there really isn’t too ¬†much to be uncheerful about!

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First Breath of Spring

It has been unfolding in the slowest of slow motions, our Spring. We have had so much cold (for us) weather and so much rain, that the greens are greening almost imperceptibly.  I have gotten most intoxicated with all those in-between almost-there colors that I love so much. Browns, greys, soft peaches and pinks, and those most wonderful greens, the washed out ones, the barely greens, the green greys, the green browns, the puffs of green on washed out golds, all those intimations of green, Oh I Love Them, and I have had plenty of time to look!

These are all one-of-a-kinders, and so I have posted them on my Etsy site.

La Grande First Breath of Spring Series

La Grande First Breath of Spring Series

Brushed Mohair First Breath of Spring Series

Brushed Mohair First Breath of Spring Series

Superwash Merino Fingering First Breath of Spring Series

Superwash Merino Fingering First Breath of Spring Series

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Seeing Stars

Lynne has created another AMAZING color feast in a SPECTACULAR design with a combination of LV*LTD and Three Waters Farm colorways. The pattern is available from Lynne’s Etsy Shop and the fiber is available both at our website and our Etsy shop.

Don’t be put off by how gorgeous this is. (I mean, when I look Starry Nite, I start quaking in my knitting boots — “what, me, knit a fantabulous thing like THAT?!”) But from experience, I know that Lynne’s patterns are written to be used by Everyknitter — that means you, and me. With clear and concise instructions, Lynne puts the knitting of sumptuous designs within reach of all of us.


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Hard to Let Go of the Lounge Lizard


These longer nights and cooler days that have been shadowing me have finally tiptoed close enough behind me to tap me on the shoulder, expecting acknowledgment. As I turn around and look, I realize, it’s true. It’s Fall.
No matter how hot the day gets, the nights are gaining on us. No matter how brilliant and clear the green of a newly hatched grasshopper, most of the grasshoppers now are a rough, dirty, green gold now. Everywhere I look, the colors have dirtied and deepened. I’ll adjust (after all, I LOVE dirty colors; it’s change I don’t like.) But before I march forward, I want to present my memories of an early summer day swimming in a pool, surrounded by a garden full of blooming flowers under a clear blue sky. Enjoy that day with me and the Lounge Lizard.

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ESotD: Three Waters Farm

Miss Violet and Miss Lime of the famous Lime&Violet saluted our Etsy Web shop September 15th in the Daily Chum. We are blushing with pride here in our little corner of the Universe. Thank you Lime&Violet!

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More and More

My romance with grey and brown and blue continues! Welcome Soapstone!


Time seems to be shrinking geometrically since I signed up for the Master Spinner I class, which happens the week before Maryland Sheep and Wool. There is a lot of yarn and top to be dyed and labeled between now and April 23, the first day of spinning class. I simplistically imagine that a reasonable level of organization will save me from a last minute frenzy. I should just admit that it IS inevitable that I will start flying around, breathing fire on everyone before it is all over; it would be wise to get everyone’s asbestos suit at the ready. That’s right; be prepared, I always say. Be prepared and hope for the best.

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Lots and Lots

It was an all day affair; mixing dye, painting yarn, scouring mohair, dyeing mohair. I started at 8 am and finished at 7 pm. Long day. Lots done. Lots of checks on the production schedule. Lots of wet yarn hanging to dry. Lots of dry yarn on the couch. Lots still to go. This must be why they call them dye LOTS!

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Moving Right Along

Behold the newest colorways!!

Meet Oberon, in honor of Shakespeare’s mischievous fairy king.


Greet Brown Earth, a springtime nod to newly turned earth and blue, blue sky.


There is one more on the way, which still needs a tiny tweak. Soon, I promise!

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