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Curds and Whey

cheese pail

These lovely little Nigerian Dwarf goats give milk that is both high in fat and high in protein — which translates into more curds and less whey. Perfect!

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Step Into the Light

step into the light

I love this morning shot of Step, standing in the light. Rosie is in this photo too. Can you find her?!

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Barn Dance

carmen barn landscapes 11-7-15

Carmen takes a bow.

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Nigerian Dwarf Goats


I don’t know how the Nigerian Dwarf goats escaped my notice, but I’m paying attention now!

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Barn Landscapes



Dairy goats lose their girlish figures too. It makes them even more beautiful, don’t you think?


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Ovine Evil Eye

This mother was not at all pleased that we plucked her little lamb out of the flock for an extra look-over. You can see her in the far left of the frame, giving Stephen the evil eye, while her lamb gives her the “please save me” look.  The moment Stephen put this guy on the ground, they headed in the opposite direction.











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Unseen Treasures

As close as she is to delivering her kids, Mae Mae has still made a point of steering herself into the milk room at every milking, even though she has no need yet to be milked.  It is a surprise to me — she has not made the milking room her habit this late in her pregnancies, but whatever her reasons for doing so now, it is a pleasure to see her maneuver her great bulk with such spring and spirit into her place on the milk stand.

The great size of her takes up a lot of space and so I have been leaning back against her as I milk her grandaughter Tweedle. Mae Mae doesn’t seem to mind, intent as she is on her eating, and it is a comfort to lean up against so capable a mother as she. It’s cozy and milking can be so dreamy, especially first thing in the morning early in the spring; it’s cold, I’m sleepy, the day’s not yet begun, the season’s barely begun, but for just this moment, things are going just as I wish they would.

As the goats are peacefully eating, the rhythm of milking is my meditation and leaning against Mae Mae is my comfort. While leaning against her, I sometimes feel against my back a sharp tap, a swift kick, or a larger, more sinuous movement, and then, just as I turn my attention to savoring both the surprise and the pleasure of this, it’s gone and I’m left with the feeling that I am at the edge of a dream and something magical I’ve barely seen has vanished before I’m sure that I’ve seen anything at all.

Any day now….


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Due Date


Pensively waiting,

She quietly counts heartbeats.

Spring will be here soon.




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I have been ruminating over the idea that within the barn is an ever-evolving landscape but then I decided that I did not really know what a landscape was.  After visiting the Encyclopedia Britannica, I now know that a landscape endures “progressive changes in topography” towards an “altered form.” “The changes can only occur in response to energy available to do work within the geomporphic system in question…*.”

Sounds about right.

Mae Mae As Landform




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New Hire

I would guess that the ancient genre of slapstick comedy evolved from the antics of people trying to outwit the animal who just wouldn’t be caught.  If you are lucky, you may one day be entertained with stories about this adept and elusive animal, because anyone who has ever kept a few grazing animals on pasture has a story (or two) to tell.

We ourselves are tired of this story and so we decided to look for some help with the sheep. Beside the fact that it is really hard to get good help these days, it is admittedly difficult to find knowledgeable, intermittent, part-time help with sheep herding. But finally we found someone who was willing to work, willing to learn, and willing to be available around the clock. He’s small, but he has a natural gift for the work.

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